Monthly Archives: February 2009


This is incredible.

Jaclyn and I got to Christchurch at about 9:45 this morning. (Mind you we are 18 hours ahead) After a terribly long plane ride from LA to Auckland to Christchurch I finally felt a peace with my feet on the ground in our final destination. As we were de-boarding and going through customs we realized we really didn’t have a plan as to what our day would look like. Jaclyn had been in touch with a friend of a friend through facebook about possibly having them pick us up at the airport but we had no idea what he looked like or if he was even going to show. Well, after debating taxi or wait, taxi or wait, we saw a fellow walking around with a lost look on his face and we knew he had to be our soon to be friend James. After realizing that we had both been looking for each other for the past half hour we were finally headed out of the airport and into the city. 

I just cannot believe how this day worked itself out. James turned into the best tour guide and host I have ever had. We walked around the city for 4 hours this afternoon seeing monuments, gardens, schools and statues. Turns out James is like a Christchurch Factbook, he is so knowledgeable of the city it was great to hear all the history of where I will spend the next 3 months. So know we are back at his flat relaxing and getting a dinner plan together. It is so wonderful to be here. 

While walking around today it was clear that I was surrounded by so many different cultures. This place is incredible, the people are so welcoming and helpful. The architecture is detailed and so beautiful. The gardens are in full bloom and so colorful. It was just great to see such diverse cultures in one city. The alley ways and cafes are just some of the things that I love about this city. This is going to be awesome.

Tomorrow Jaclyn and I plan on heading to the coast to do some whale watching. I am so excited to spend a day by the sea. I love New Zealand!



We are ready to go!!! After spending a few days getting the LA tour from Jaclyn and her friends we are finally taking off. I have really enjoyed seeing the ocean and getting the city tour (I have never been to LA before). So, tonight at 7:30 we board the plane for a 21 hour ride, next thing I know we will be in New Zealand!