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A lot has happened in the past few days. Well I will start with telling you about our day off. Two guys that we met through the CCChurch took us to two separate beaches, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. I didn’t know two more different beaches could exist on the same island. The first was like a little cove of paradise, crystal blue water, white sand and small islands out in the water far in the distance. It was amazing. The second beach was very different, it was more rugged and one of the hottest surf spots in all of Bali. It was at base of big cliffs, it was really really beautiful as well. So we had a really relaxing day and for a few moments it felt like I was on a real vacation. Haha, it was a nice break.

So yesterday we were back into ministry. We helped clean the YWAM base here in Bali because the first DTS in three years starts next week. All of the staff are really excited and it is really fun to see YWAM work in so many different ways. After that me, Katy, Andrew and Rachelle went to school called Street Kids Ministry. This was my favorite ministry we have done yet. We went to an extremely poor area of Bali, the poorest I have seen yet and worked in a small, dark, square room with about 30 kids from that area. We sang songs for them, played games, and just talked with them.  It was really hard, my heart was broken. These were the kids who didn’t have clothes, kids who smelled like urine, kids who have never received the love they deserve, kids who cling to you and never want you to let go because they have never had anyone show them love like this. Nothing pulls on my heart like this, my heart just aches for these children. It is SO hard for me to love on them and then leave them in the condition they are in. What did they do to deserve to live like that? I know they don’t know any different, but I do. I want to extend to them the goodness that Jesus has extended to me… that is where my heart is.

Today we did hospital ministry. It is fun to try out all of these different sorts of things. The Street Kids and Hospital have by far been my favorites so far and I just feel like I have been needed the most in those two areas. So again, me, Katy, Rachelle and Landon went to the hospital with a local guy names Johannes and were able to meet three separate patients and pray for them. The first was a little 8 year old boy with two brain tumors, he could not talk, see or speak. When we were praying over him it was like we were fighting for it, there was such a present darkness there and towards the end he was laughing aloud and his joy was so contagious. It was such an amazing experience. I realized today that even when I am back at home this is the sort of thing I want to be doing. People who are sick and dying are so encouraged and comforted by visitors and we are called to love on the weak and the sick. It was a really cool thing today.

I have been learning so much in just spending time with Jesus and being in the word. Even in my discomfort and homesickness here, he has met me right where I am and has comforted me beyond belief. He is strength in my weakness.

The heat is still incredible. We only have one more week here in Bali and then I will be headed to Taiwan! Amazingly, time is flying.



Being here is still surreal. Katy and I are constantly looking at each other and saying, “We are in BALI!” It is crazy. It gets even crazier when I see a map and realized where I am geographically. So far from anywhere I ever thought I would be.

God is good. We are still doing a lot of work with the CCChurch and the people involved with that are amazing and so hospitable. I feel like we have been all over this city, Denpensar, going from church to church to school to school. The heat is exhausting but somehow we always have just enough energy to play one more game or do one more drama. 

We have really gotten into the groove of things, doing dramas, giving testimonies, playing games with little children, sitting through entire sermons unable to understand a single word because they are given in Indonesian. Our common phrase for moments like this is, This is Outreach. It is humbling and amazing to see how God uses all of the little things to make himself known. He is continually faithful. 

I have really been missing home lately. Michigan home, North Carolina home and New Zealand home. I am really trying to be here, in Bali and only here. Not looking into the future or living in the past, but it is very difficult. I pray about this every day because the less I feel like I am here, the less effective my ministry will be. It is healthy to miss people and remember old times but I just want to take advantage of the authority God has given me to BE HERE and speak his name out in Bali. That is my focus right now. I have found so much comfort in music lately, especially in falling asleep. Seth Bernard and May Erlewine, Sigur Ros, Gregor Samsa, Josh Garrels, Nick Drake, I find myself almost dependent on them when I lay my head on my pillow at night. 

Thank you all for keeping up with my travels. It is so encouraging to  hear back from you. I miss you all very much! xoxo


So we have finally arrived after many goodbyes and a long travel day. WE ARE IN BALI! We stepped off the plane late Monday night into some of the most intense heat I have ever experienced in my life. Instant sweat and it feels like you can swim in the humidity. Thank you Jesus.

It feels somewhat surreal to be here, I keep trying to focus everything I have on why I am here and what I am doing and my hourly reminder is saying “eyes on Jesus” to myself. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused in the heat. As I sit in this dingy internet cafe on this dewy night, listening to Josh Garrels for a peace of mind, I am going to recall the last few days as well as I can.

We started working straight away on Tuesday with doing Compassion International Ministry at a local church. The children here are adorable and eager to meet you and speak as much English as they can with you. It is so fun. My already existing heart for kids is now pretty much exploding with wanting to share what I came here to share with them. We have stayed pretty connected with the CCChurch that I mentioned previous and most of our ministry is through them. It is so encouraging to meet young Balinese people who have a passion for youth and Jesus. It is awesome to share in that. So Wednesday we promoted this event that we are giving tomorrow night which includes music, games, dramas, prizes and a testimony (which I am giving… yikes!) and after that we played/taught some children back at the YWAM base that we are staying with. After that me, Katy, Kaylee and Andrew went back to the church and went to a language class and were able to have conversation with young adults learning English. It was the highlight of my day for sure, it was SO fun to just talk and learn about each other’s worlds.. the differences and similarities. God is so good. THEN today we went up from the city into the mountains to a church picnic for the youth. It was a two hour drive up and let me tell you.. the traffic here is insane. There are 18 times as many scooters as vehicles and no road rules, that is the best way I can describe it. Once we got there we set up in this beautiful park… it was like jungle meets sweet landscaping meets nice cool breeze. It was such an enjoyable afternoon. We worshiped (in their language) which was actually really cool… even though I couldn’t understand what was being sung, I was completely overwhelmed with the Spirit of the Lord and looking around me too see all of these people of a different nation worshiping Jesus Christ with me… COOL. Hallelujah.

There is a heaviness in this country. I am continually praying for spiritual strength and unity amognst our team. It really helps meeting Christians here. Vondro, Agoon, Revan and Alvin are a few guys with the church that have just been so amazing to work with.

Although I have limited internet access I have heard from some of the other YWAM teams and it is so encouraging to know how they are doing and to just hear from them. It is SO incredible to just think of us all spread out all over the world with one common mission. Wow.

So I will leave you with that for now. I have been taking loads of pictures but cannot post them because I cannot get internet on my own computer, just in internet cafes. I think of you all at home often and miss you so much!


This is it. We are all parting ways. I am kissing the magnificent New Zealand earth and saying goodbye, with my eyes now fixed on Southeast Asia and what God has for me and my team there. Last night the Africa/Asia team left (which my best bud Phil is a part of) and it was so hard to say goodbye. It is like having your family all go separate ways for 3 months time. Although so much lies ahead of each of us, it is hard to say goodbye and move into the next phase of our DTS. Pray for comforted hearts. 

Our last week here has been amazing. God has shown me so much through friendships, worship, the starry sky and my outreach team. I am so sad to leave New Zealand but SO excited for what lies ahead. It seems a little surreal that I have been here for almost three months… getting in a daily grind of lectures made the time fly by. I cannot wait to come back here for another season of life. 

We have been dreaming big dreams lately. Me, Jaclyn, Phil, Beau, Kenny and Kristi all sat in the lounge the other night and discussed our dreams for life. It was amazing and so encouraging. We kept building off each other’s ideas and visions and creating new things and making pacts and praising Jesus all the while. It was such a time of fellowship, I will always remember that night. 


our sanctuary.

our sanctuary.

So now we all say goodbye… but only for three months when we will have a glorious reunion in Israel. Hallelujah.


This week, our final week of lectures, we have Joseph Watson here from Nashville, TN teaching us on Releasing Destiny. He is so energetic and intentional about meeting us all and getting to know us, as a student it is really amazing to see him relate to us all. So far his teaching has also been incredible. He is so passionate about his content and I can just tell it is from his heart which makes it all the more powerful. 

His topic is something I have been wondering about for a while now so I am just eating up everything he has to say. It is only day two and I have already learned so much. He is helping us stir up what God has already put in us, helping us release an aroma of Christ. The two main questions we are working on answering are 1) Who am I? and 2) Why am I here? All of his teaching is based around Romans 12:2-3 which is one of my favorite scriptures of all time. 
If you want to renew your mind, QUIT thinking like the world does. Get outside the box! Your destiny in Christ is never, ever what you DO, rather it is who you are becoming. I am here to transform the world, not to let the world transform me. From his first day of teaching the one principle that really stuck out to me was that worrying is unacceptable as a child of God, it is based in fear and is inconsistent with who God is. This is huge in my life, with where I am and the new lifestyle I am slowly adopting it is easy to start worrying about provisions and plans and whenever I catch myself I take a step back and slap myself on the hand, realizing I need to give up control to Him once again. Psalm 46:10- BE STILL and know that I am God. 
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

I have lately been totally blown away with the amount of love God has for ME, as a unique individual. He gave me identity, he formed me, he thinks about me every second of my life. Nothing compares to his love for me! That is how I know he is an amazing God- HE MADE ME! I am perfect forever in His eyes. I am SO SICK of believing in the lies of the world, I want life to the full right now. That is my heart. I am so excited to share this!

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil- this is the gift of God.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


I woke up this morning with a sense of home in my soul. I am feeling very poetic and creative. I think it is the weather and the friendly sounds of Seth Bernard and May Erlewine in my headphones. It is snowing, I adore snow. 
I am finally back in my writing groove. I feel Michigan in the air this morning and I think that really helps my imagination and sense of  familiarity. The leaves are blowing around on the earth’s floor, becoming victims of scuffling feet as the sleet hits the window and finds it’s path down, down, down. I feel home and am really missing some dear friends. (You know who you are!!) 

The mood has really changed around the base in the past few days. I think everyone is coming to grips with the fact that we are all leaving each other in a matter of days. It is really weird to realize. I am becoming more and more comfortable and used to the lifestyle of constant transitions. My glass is raised to my current community and to those I will soon encounter. 


my family!

my family!



So… I GOT A NEW TATTOO! It is a Maori Koru which symbolizes new spiritual life, growth, strength and peace which all have been a huge part of my time here in New Zealand. I got it to seal my time here and what I have learned and the growth that has taken place in my heart and life. I love it. It is packed with meaning and there is still room for more growth with it. I planted a seed!

Lastly, I just need to let everyone know that I miss my little sister more than anything and want to love on her through this… 
“You got a lot give, waterfall. A whole life to live, waterfall, fall. Tell me who you gonna run to when the waterfalls? Whoa and my heart aches, whoa and then it breaks, whoa and then it gets a mend and then we do it again and again, waterfall. You might have doubts at hand, but don’t go giving in, don’t go giving in. You might have had a better plan but don’t go giving in, don’t go giving in. Take what you can, starlings will sing you a song when you reach dry land. Close your eyes and forget it all, just when you think you know the way the water rolls, waterfall. We got a lot to show, waterfall. No place to go, waterfall, fall. Now tell me who we gonna run to when the water falls? And every-things all right, whoa and then we fight, whoa and then we’re blue, but baby I love you, waterfall. You might have doubts at hand but don’t go giving in, don’t go giving in. You might have had a better plan but don’t go giving in, don’t go giving in. Take what you can, starlings will sing you a song when you reach dry land. Close your eyes and forget it all, just when you think you know the way the water rolls, right when you think you know the way the water rolls, waterfall.”


As I have mentioned before and as most of you know, I’m nearing the end of the lecture phase of discipleship training school here in New Zealand. My time here has been absolutely inspiring and life-changing (just read on below if you don’t believe me) and I am so thankful for having such an amazing network of supports. It has been awesome to have each of you as a part of this journey and hearing from you throughout is the most encouraging thing! I hope that you enjoy keeping up with my adventures and hearing about what I have been learning here. Things are starting to get crazy preparing for outreach and all, which leads me to something our whole team is facing together…

During the last 10 weeks, we’ve developed really strong relationships within our school. We have become a family. Keeping our 6 outreach teams together, 54 students and staff, is really important to us all. As we are getting closer and closer to the departure date the reality of wether or not we will all be going is tough to face. I, thankfully, have enough funds to buy my place ticket but not enough to pay for the remaining outreach fees which brings my whole team down to carry the remainder of my load as well as all of theirs. Several other students are still waiting on God’s provision before we leave. We need every individual talent and personality that each team member brings to the table, we we are all banding together to make sure no one is left behind. 

It would be incredible if you could spend just a moment in prayer and consider whether you are willing to invest in the kingdom of God through our mission. We are a family here and I cannot very well continue on in my journey knowing that I am leaving some friends behind that wouldn’t get the opportunity to use their training of the last 10 weeks as God intended. Each of us has given up our own plans and interests in order to serve Christ’s kingdom during this time. God can and will use every person and resource offered to Him. Even if the gift you can afford seems small, please consider contributing to our school’s outreach. Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in supporting world missions in this way, feel free to pass this information along! Every bit counts, and time is of the essence. We leave for outreach May 18. Without support, some of us will not be getting on the plane… 

One other resource my friends Jaclyn and Beau put together is a video so check it out!!!!

5 habits of a world christian

 Thanks again for all of your time and your support on my adventure! I love you all very much and miss you too! 

If you are interested in supporting checks to the general gift fund for our school can be made out to YWAM Oxford, and sent to: 
YWAM Oxford
PO Box 47
Oxford, North Canterbury
New Zealand 7430