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“The saints say prayer is less about what we say and more about being with the one we love. Prayer is about having a romance with the Divine. The more deeply we are in love with someone, the less we have to say. In fact, a sure sign that we know someone deeply is the ability to enjoy one another without words- to simply admire each other.” (shane claiborne- becoming the answer to our prayers)

Immersing myself in reading. Coming across so many things I want to share- trying to pace the sharing.



Blogging more often is on my list of 2010 New Year’s Resolutions. So here goes…

Just to update on my whereabouts, I am currently typing this from my parent’s home in Brevard, North Carolina. I have spent the last 4 or so months up in Grand Rapids trying to get some direction and set some goals. That was proven more difficult than I imagined with certain distractions and getting my feet back on the ground after all of my travels.
After spending some low-key time down here in North Carolina and out in California with Brian and his family I have had a lot of time to think and pray about what is next.

On January 27 I plan to move back to Grand Rapids in a permanent sense. I will be working, saving money and preparing myself for school this winter, spring and summer and then plan to get on and finished with school in the fall. Among all of these things, my main goal for this time is to create an independent life for myself, relying on nothing but God and his grace.
I have spent the last few days in a quiet, still house and have really had a lot of time to think, pray and read. Through that alone I have been so reassured in all of the change that has happened and is happening in my life.

Earlier today was the closest thing we have had to a YWAM reunion of sorts… Me and five other ywamers had a skype conference call. It was AMAZING and soooo encouraging. (We missed you Beau and Dan!) To hear everyone’s voice at the same time and to all catch up on what God is doing and has done since we all split up was unreal. Being all spread out now we were calling from Kenya, North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Ireland and Alabama. So great.

There is just a brief update on what is going on right now… I am moving this up on my list of priorities so be sure to check back a read often!

me, taylor and caroline all at home for christmas. (first time in 4 years!)


“O God our Father, we ask you to bless those for whom there will be no sleep tonight…
…those who this night will not sleep because of the pain of their body or the distress of their mind; those in misfortune, who will lie down in hunger and in cold; those who are far from home and far from friends, and who are lonely as the shadows fall. Grand that in our own happiness and comfort we may never forget the sorrow and the pain, the loneliness and the need of others in the slow, dark hours. This we ask for your love’s sake.”

-William Barclay (1907-1978, scottish minister)