I play a film reel in my head of the way I see my life playing out. I have always done it… With family, friends, school, travel, loves, exciting experiences, etc. The reality of my days never match up to what I have imagined them to be. Although different, I would also say most things end up better than what I had envisioned. It takes time to see that. That goes to show I have no idea what is in store, making trust a huge part of my life. Things are starting to look different and I am letting go of what I think is best and learning that just living today is all I have and all I need.

I just spent a week with my mom and dad and older brother. They came up to Grand Rapids for a wedding and got to spend some time on my turf. It was a great visit. Really great. The conversations I am able to have with my mom about who I am, who she is and how we have influenced each other to be where we are now. To see my dad look at me with adoring eyes, they speak and I know I am so well loved with the absence of words. It is this stuff that keeps me going.


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