Monthly Archives: July 2010


It has been nearly two months since my last post. Why? I can’t even begin to answer that question. Maybe because it is hot outside and I don’t want to sit indoors and type words on this screen. Maybe because I am not comfortable sharing the thoughts in my head with my readers. Maybe because I have had writers’ block. Maybe because I just haven’t thought a thing about it in two months. None of these are very good reasons as to not write. It is something that I love to do and want to continue to do. So I will.

(A thanks to both Heidi and Chad for challenging me with this.)

So here goes. This has been a summer of heat, humidity, coke slushies, late nights, long hours, questions, new things, change, growth, climbing trees, silly bands, spontaneity, kisses, laughter, songs, train rides, naps, stamps, crafts, cheese and sunshine. That should catch  you up on things.

I also want to share this video for the following reasons… 1) I am in love this not only this song but this band, Frightened Rabbit. 2) This seems like something I would try and make, simple idea, but still highly rewarding to watch. 3) I have never seen a time lapse where the clouds are so still. 4) I love time lapses. 5) I dedicate to Beau Davidson, who I know will read this and watch this and appreciate this. Somehow this made me think of you.


monday afternoon