Monthly Archives: September 2010


Summer is fading away. Those crisp, fall days are moving in quick and I am thrilled beyond belief to no longer feel the humidity of those scorching hot summer days. School is in full swing and I am learning balance. Discipline is a hard task for me. I am loving all of my classes and having a productive mind feels better than ever.

I also want to comment on ArtPrize. Yes it has begun! All in the name of art. This city, my city, has come to life in the past week with over 1700 pieces of art on display around town. Brilliant!



And so it begins… an entirely new season of life that is. I’ve got the first week of school under my belt and so far it is completely enjoyable. Busy but enjoyable. When I wake up and my days are accompanied with things like a huge cup of coffee, a reflective drive to campus, Ally Jester, learning about things I am interested in and the prospect of a beautiful Michigan fall… how could the transition be bad? Sure, adapting to waking up at 7 every morning has been slightly rough but the good outweighs the bad here.

I am a student.