a [supplemental] side project

My name is Emrie. This is my blog. This is a side project I want to experiment with. I’m not sure where it is headed. I guess I am using it to test myself, push myself, even judge myself. I have so many ideas on the daily I have to start putting action behind them. This is the first step.

While this, my first post, is personal in nature, I don’t predict this blog to be a personal confidant. I am thinking it will transform into a platform where I can identify and share how I see the world. 

I am interested in new things. I really like to share. I prefer kindness and authenticity. I am energized by the people around me. Things like utility, practicality, and honesty make sense to me.

*Please note influences and references are primarily derived from the following: shoptalk, theophilus, the stockist, my roommate laura, my incessant obsession with Destroyer, transition, the south?, homemade guacamole, dirty martinis, wanting to be elsewhere, being content here, and continually moving forward. 



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