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a [supplemental] side project

My name is Emrie. This is my blog. This is a side project I want to experiment with. I’m not sure where it is headed. I guess I am using it to test myself, push myself, even judge myself. I have so many ideas on the daily I have to start putting action behind them. This is the first step.

While this, my first post, is personal in nature, I don’t predict this blog to be a personal confidant. I am thinking it will transform into a platform where I can identify and share how I see the world. 

I am interested in new things. I really like to share. I prefer kindness and authenticity. I am energized by the people around me. Things like utility, practicality, and honesty make sense to me.

*Please note influences and references are primarily derived from the following: shoptalk, theophilus, the stockist, my roommate laura, my incessant obsession with Destroyer, transition, the south?, homemade guacamole, dirty martinis, wanting to be elsewhere, being content here, and continually moving forward. 




I came across this quote in my Social Autobiography of the American Civil Rights Movement class. (LOVE the class!)

“Through nonviolence, courage displaces fear; love transforms hate. Acceptance dissipates prejudice; hope ends despair. Peace dominates war; faith reconciles doubt. Mutual regard cancels enmity. Justice for all overthrows injustice. The redemptive community supersedes systems of gross social immorality. Love is the central motif of nonviolence. Love is the force by which God binds man to Himself and man to man. Such love goes to the extreme; it remains loving and forgiving even in the midst of hostility. It matches the capacity of evil to inflict suffering with an even more enduring capacity to absorb evil, all the while persisting in love. By appealing to conscience and standing on the moral nature of human existence, nonviolence nurtures the atmosphere in which reconciliation and justice become actual possibilities.”

Although this was written by James Lawson, an African-American nonviolent activist in the 1960s, its content applies to many battles our society is still fighting today. I love the relevance of this quote then and I love the relevance of this quote now.

Being on a college campus five days a week, I am now way more in tune with current events than I ever have been. Grand Valley has an excellent LGBT organization and strong push for acceptance of diversity on campus. This is one of the things that I really like about this university. One current event has particularly caught my attention. In recent weeks, there have been seven suicides of LGBT students. All under the age of 19. All boys. They all ended their lives because of bullying, cyber-bullying, hate crimes and prejudices. This is so sad. I want to stand up for these boys and tell them that they are loved. The fight against hatred towards those who are “different” than us is way more extreme than people realize.

This is the reason I love this quote so much. It applies just as much today as it does the day it was written. This is my heart, I had to share. Here are a few links to check out if you want more on this…




I don’t know why I don’t write more often on here. I always want to. Every time I have a free moment of thought I wish my hands were touching a keyboard because my mind is flooded with ideas, commentary, puns, thoughts, conversation. When I finally get to the point of sitting down and trying to grind out those previous thoughts they have left me and I end up talking about how I just don’t write anymore. What a sad cycle. I am committed to breaking it. I need a tiny little notebook to jot down thoughts so I can effectively come back to them.

I am being taught by everyone around me it seems. I don’t know if my mind has been turned on by my recent return to the land of academia, but I am constantly discovering new. A few shout-outs, (because that is what I do…) Theresa Rowland, one of my Liberal Studies professors, is continually teaching me to challenge every social/habitual norm that is set before me, also, to always demand social change. Eric Kuiper, a friend and teacher in many ways, for teaching me to see and hear story in an entire new light. Ally Jester and Jill DeVries, two dear friends, for engaging in meaningful, challenging and purposeful dialogue that is headed somewhere and makes us better for each other and better for this world. Eva Teresa, a new-found friend, for showing me how to expand my mind and view of diversity, for challenging me on difficult topics.

I was talking with a friend the other day, looking through some pictures of my travels, and realized that all of that happened over a year ago. For the longest time I was saying, a year ago I was in New Zealand, or a year ago I was in Cambodia, but now that is over. I can’t believe time has passed by so quickly. I love relating that time to now. I can’t help but wonder how that will continue to unfold. I am still learning from all of the experiences that happened then. When I was right in the middle of that I never thought that I would be where I am now but I couldn’t be happier with my state of community and of progression each day.

Although I have never been so tired, I am enjoying this new pattern I have discovered. I just realized I haven’t taken my shoes off since 7 am this morning and it is now 7:14 p.m. That may be normal for some, but has never been normal for me. I don’t mind it. My mom recently sent me a forward of “funny adult phrases” and one said, “I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least a little bit tired.” I have never related to this more-so than I do right now. Although consistently tired, I have never felt so accomplished or productive with my days.

So, here’s to blogging, writing and sharing! May I do it often, do it well and do it forevermore!



Summer is fading away. Those crisp, fall days are moving in quick and I am thrilled beyond belief to no longer feel the humidity of those scorching hot summer days. School is in full swing and I am learning balance. Discipline is a hard task for me. I am loving all of my classes and having a productive mind feels better than ever.

I also want to comment on ArtPrize. Yes it has begun! All in the name of art. This city, my city, has come to life in the past week with over 1700 pieces of art on display around town. Brilliant!


And so it begins… an entirely new season of life that is. I’ve got the first week of school under my belt and so far it is completely enjoyable. Busy but enjoyable. When I wake up and my days are accompanied with things like a huge cup of coffee, a reflective drive to campus, Ally Jester, learning about things I am interested in and the prospect of a beautiful Michigan fall… how could the transition be bad? Sure, adapting to waking up at 7 every morning has been slightly rough but the good outweighs the bad here.

I am a student.


It has been nearly two months since my last post. Why? I can’t even begin to answer that question. Maybe because it is hot outside and I don’t want to sit indoors and type words on this screen. Maybe because I am not comfortable sharing the thoughts in my head with my readers. Maybe because I have had writers’ block. Maybe because I just haven’t thought a thing about it in two months. None of these are very good reasons as to not write. It is something that I love to do and want to continue to do. So I will.

(A thanks to both Heidi and Chad for challenging me with this.)

So here goes. This has been a summer of heat, humidity, coke slushies, late nights, long hours, questions, new things, change, growth, climbing trees, silly bands, spontaneity, kisses, laughter, songs, train rides, naps, stamps, crafts, cheese and sunshine. That should catch  you up on things.

I also want to share this video for the following reasons… 1) I am in love this not only this song but this band, Frightened Rabbit. 2) This seems like something I would try and make, simple idea, but still highly rewarding to watch. 3) I have never seen a time lapse where the clouds are so still. 4) I love time lapses. 5) I dedicate to Beau Davidson, who I know will read this and watch this and appreciate this. Somehow this made me think of you.


monday afternoon


I play a film reel in my head of the way I see my life playing out. I have always done it… With family, friends, school, travel, loves, exciting experiences, etc. The reality of my days never match up to what I have imagined them to be. Although different, I would also say most things end up better than what I had envisioned. It takes time to see that. That goes to show I have no idea what is in store, making trust a huge part of my life. Things are starting to look different and I am letting go of what I think is best and learning that just living today is all I have and all I need.

I just spent a week with my mom and dad and older brother. They came up to Grand Rapids for a wedding and got to spend some time on my turf. It was a great visit. Really great. The conversations I am able to have with my mom about who I am, who she is and how we have influenced each other to be where we are now. To see my dad look at me with adoring eyes, they speak and I know I am so well loved with the absence of words. It is this stuff that keeps me going.